The minimun age to buy at is 18 years old.


You can pay your purchases with the following ways:

1. Debit / Credit card.

We guarantee every single one of the transactions in Hölibia is 100% secure. All the operations that includes the treatment of personal and bank details are done using a secure environment. Hölibia uses a server based on standard security technology, SSL (Secure Socked Layer). All the information you provide us will be encrypted through the net. Also, all your credit card details won’t be registered in any database, all your information will go directly to the virtual POS of the bank. In an effort for providing even more security to our costumers we added a secure payment system to our payment getaway called SEC (Secure Electronic Commerce). If you are owner of a “security” card, you will always be able to pay with Visa or MasterCard in our shop. In case your card is not related to a system of payment, Hölibia will only admit payments of Visa, MasterCard and clients with antiquity and reliability probed before hand. In any of the cases, by paying with a credit card you will be asked for the next information: card number, expiration date and Validation Code (the three last numbers in the back of your credit card) offering even more security to the payment transactions.

Important: Credit card fraud is a crime and Hölibia will bring legal action against anyone who makes a fraudulent tansaction in our online store.

2. PayPal.

3. Payment by Bizum

It is a fast and secure online payment method. You just have to choose the option "Pay with Bizum", indicate your phone number, enter your Bizum password and validate the operation. It's that easy!


By choosing Klarna at checkout, you will have the option to make your purchase now and pay later, interest free. It's easy and secure.


The website uses generally accepted security information techniques as firewalls, control access procedures and cryptographic mechanisms; to avoid the non-authorised access to the data. To these ends, the user/costumer accepts the creditor to obtain the information for the pertinent authentication of the access controls. We use one of the most reliable secure payment system of the internet: the SSL protocol (for more information visit

In this security protocol, after selecting the products and providing the personal information for the purchase, a new window will open to connect with the bank and ask for your identification.

The details of your card and your password will be protected by this system (through the already mentioned protocol SSL with connection “https”) from the moment of the insertion and it won’t be remitted to our company.


On browsers you will see the icon of a lock on the security status bar. You can find it on the right of the URL bar. The certificate usted for encrypt the connection contains the information about the identity of the owner or the organisation of the website. You can click on the lock to verify the identity of the website.

NOTES: Other payment forms that are not contemplated should be previously informed calling to the number 635 17 24 66 or sending on email to:


The preparation of the sending takes between 24-48 hours (work days) starting to count after the purchase; the sending takes another 1-2 days (depends on the country) after the preparation is ready.

If the product is not returned in the same original packaging, the good may suffer a depreciation and therefore a reduction in the amount of the return.

NOTES: Delivery times will be affected in the next cases:

  • Customized an custom-made products
  • During great volume selling periods like Black Friday, Christmas and Sales.


All shippings are attached to products availability.

Even the confirmation of the purchased products has been already send, if Hölibia has no availability of it for any circumstances we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to communicate that fact.

In this case Hölibia could:

  • Offer the user a similar product as the one already bought, only if it fits the users needs.
  • Offer the user a refund of the non available product and the shipping of the purchased products.
  • Offer the user the annulment of the purchase, with a refund of the payment in the next 14 working days.

As to te international trade regulation, Hölibia won’t be responsable of the charges generated at the customs house of the destination country. In case the user refuses to recibe the shipping for this or any other reason Hölibia will charge the user with the costs of the returning shipping.

Hölibia won’t be responsible of the delays at the customs house or if any of the local authorities decide to co afóscate any element of the shipping.


The actual prices of our products will be the ones published on our website on the date the user confirms the shipping.

Even though Hölibia tries to make sure all the prices on the website are correct, there can be mistakes. In case Hölibia finds an error on the prices of any of our products that has been selected by a user he will be informed as soon as possible and will offer the option of reconfirming the shipping or cancel it.

If Hölibia can’t get in touch with the user the shipping will be cancelled and the payment of it will be refund. Hölibia won’t be forced to sell the user any product with the mistaken lower price (even if the shipping confirmation has been already sent) if the error on the price obvious and unequivocal and has been recognized by the user by the user as a mistaken price.

Prices can change at any time. However the possible changes won’t affect the products that have been already registered on a shipping confirmation.

No more than one voucher or discount code may be used in the same purchase.


Our parts are guaranteed for 3 months in the event that the product is found to have a defect in the material or that it has originated in the manufacturing process, as assessed by the technical team. This guarantee is void if the piece has been repaired or modified by a third party.

The guarantee for manufacturing defects for our jewellery in silver and other materials does not cover the total or partial loss of the product, nor does it cover gold plating if the use or care of the piece cannot be verified. Neither does it cover the natural wear and tear that the product suffers with use, nor damage such as: dents, broken chains or bracelets, broken or lost stones, or wear and tear of the jewellery due to misuse. Damage caused to the jewellery by contact with: sweat, chlorine, salt water, chemicals, cleaning products, make-up, hot water, perfumes, creams and lacquers. Change in the natural state of the precious or semi-precious stone. Jewellery set with stones, suffer deterioration of the setting with normal use, when they suffer some kind of blow or rubbing, causing the stones to come loose, which is not a defect of the product and is not covered by the guarantee.


To provide you with all the help you need we make available this ways to contact with us:


Phone number/WhatsApp +34 635 17 24 66

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