Remove any jewel before you go to sleep, taking a shower or any physical activity. Exposure to certain chemicals or environments can compromise the integrity of your jewellery: transpiration (sweat), perfumes, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water and silver polish.

Always remember to keep your jewels apart from the sunlight and warm spaces; also you should never store them in a bathroom or humid places.


Sterling silver can lose brightness overtime when it is exposed to fresh air. Loss of brightness is a natural process that can be solve washing the jewel with a silver special product and a soft cloth.


You should have particular care with our gold plated pieces. We don’t guarantee a gold plate that will last forever.

Golden pieces are, by default, more fragile and sensitive to colour loss overtime. The speed of colour vanishing depends on different factors as the use os chemical products, the transpiration level or even the ph of every person skin.

For all this, is specially important to give your jewels a proper care, or, if you think that gold plating does not last long, it is preferable you choose the jewelry in the silver version.

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